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"Solbrig's eclecticism also underscores the requirement for a different kind of reading practice -- one that is not wholly reliant on linear sequence -- to facilitate comprehension of these interactions. The individual panels ... rather like a website or hyperlink, they index other narratives.

...Her to framing of suburban and domestic space is shared by more established contemporary comics artists, namely Alison Bechdel, Richard McGuire and Chris I have suggested, Solbrig's multipartite narrative enables an appreciation of the complex geneologies of everyday spaces..."

Martin Dines, from Graphic Narrative Ecologies of the Suburban Home, in The Literature of Suburban Change

The Dandelion King: love and loss in the gas line. (Book 1)

The Dandelion King: love and loss in the gas line. 

The first book of The Dandelion King Trilogy, is an experimental comic exploration of family history, and divorce. The Dandelion King, looks at the decade which liberalized divorce laws, the social changes in women's roles, international political upheaval and changes in mental health policy that was a background for the first years of my family's divorce. 

Social Psychology Comic App. (Companion to The Dandelion King) 

The strange history of popular psychology, from Kurt Lewin to Carl Rogers to the Encounter Group provides a deep history to the changes in political ideology witnessed in the era of the 1970s. After my father left my mother and we moved to California, my mother began working at Metropolitan State Hospital in Norwalk, Ca. and in her spare time she attended Encounter Groups, Consciousness Raising groups, and drove my brother back and forth to Pasadena for his own psychotherapist, named 'Peace'. The 1970s was the era when the revolutionaries of the previous decades decide that the revolution happened from within. Lewin and others theorized about democratic and authoritarian modes of groups and leaders. This comic series, made for apps. explores several social psychologists whose work shaped that feminist notion, 'The personal is political'. 

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