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(Trailor for the short film: The Thorazine Shuffle, a part of "The Dandelion King: Love and loss while waiting in the gas line.": It was the 1970′s and Metropolitan State Hospital was the first place my mother worked after her divorce. The film ‘Hurry Tomorrow’ (1974) by Richard Cohen and Kevin Rafferty showed the state institution which abused its power to medicate and incarcerate and individuals who struggled with both the institution and their own illnesses. The animation experiment above is a part of the short animated film “The Thorazine Shuffle” (in progress, 2014) which uses hand drawn animation to tell an impressionistic story of my mom’s job in the public mental health field, direct cinema representation of this world, and mental illness from the perspective of a young girl’s imagination. The ‘Thorazine Shuffle’ is the first in the ‘Dandelion King’ short film series.

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